With 35 years casting background,Hennan Qiangxin is one of the leading supplier of top grade quality metal castings in China.

Occupying more than 250,000 square meters (2,700,000 square feet) workshop, our three foundries have a production capacity of 75 tons of ferrous & non-ferrous alloys per day to accommodate a variety of diverse casting projects. Over the years, we have been supplying the product cross China and overseas over 16 countries.

Key Facts:

● 3 well established foundries (2 ferrous foundries & 1 no-ferrous foundry)
● Separate CNC machining work shop
● 11 engineers
● 85+ skilled workers
● Fully equiped metallurgical lab
● ISO 9001:2015 quality control management system
● 30+ qualified partners & suppliers


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