Design and Analysis performed with SolidWorks CAD and CosmosWorks FEA.

Modal Analysis, Stress Analysis, Buckling Analysis, Thermal Analysis.

Thermal Analyses include Conduction, Convection and Radiation.

Structural Analyses include modal, stress analysis, buckling load factor, fatigue analyses, static equivalent calculations using Mile’s equation (Random Vibration), fatigue damage estimations using Steinberg’s 3-Band Method and Minor’s rule, and Margin of Safety tables created for all assembly parts.

Analyses using classical hand calculations.

Experienced in performing random vibration testing and shock testing. Experienced in designing and analyzing fixtures for random vibration testing.

Experienced in Ansys Structural and Thermal FEA.

Registered Professional Engineer with 34 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering within the aerospace industry.

Experienced in rotating machinery design and analysis using DyRoBeS, Bode, Campbell and FFT analysis.


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