China die casting company with 17 years long history —SYX Limited specialize in Metal rapid prototyping ,Aluminium Die Casting , Zinc Die Casting China ,Magnesium Die casting , Precision Cnc Machining ,Die Casting Mould,Assembly/Oem which is widely used for Electric Car,Moto&Auto car, LED DISPLAY,Communication ,Led Lamp, Furniture etc.

SYX‘s Quality Management System has been certified to the ISO 9001-2000& TS16949 .Our MOTTO is: Quality first, with competitive price and delivery in time. Our die casting factory are highly acclaimed by customers. Sany, Zoomlion,INVT, PHILIPS , Discolor,ETC. If you need die casting part or cnc machined part . SYX will be the best choice for you.
Search good way for you structrue product. METAL Rapid prototype, cnc machining and sand casting,shenzhen Aluminum die casting ,Extrusion ,Die Casting guangdong ,Dongguan die cast. Always have a kind of to be suitable to you.


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