Valves including safety, safety relief, pilot, actuated, gate globe, check. Vacuum service to very high pressures. Materials of construction from plastics to titanium and cobalt alloys. ASME pressure vessel codes and design.

Pressure vessels and piping design.

Composite material design and manufacture including aramid, carb on fiber, and fiberglass. Have used All types of manufacturing methods and resins. Aerospace, industrial, and automotive specifications.

Rubber to metal bonding using adhesives. Molding of metallic and rubber components using injection, transfer, and compression molding. Custom elastomer compounds. Material properties of elastomers for fluid resistance.

Expert witness for product liability cases. Over my career I have developed and commercialized many new products, including natural gas distribution valves and strainers. High pressure valves including needle, ball and safety valves for pressures up to 60,000 psig. Aerospace composite components.


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